Our Story

Chapter 4
Now we are 14 years into doing the BnB and it continues to be great.

Some changes - after 7 years of Coaching I retired to help take care of "Mom and Dad" which we did for the last 4 years of their lives. Hood River embraced them both. Dad was almost 102 when his time came. We are sure glad we were in a great place and community and were able to help them "get old".

One really neat thing happened this year. Guests have been bringing their new family additions for us to meet and we get to be honorary Godparents!! What sweeties.

Jim is still doing his aerial imagery business. He builds aerial photo systems and teaches users how to apply the results to agriculture and the environment. He has also started golfing again. I started swimming with the Masters in the very early morning and several guests have joined me in the practices this summer. Bring your suits.

We love what we do; the people we meet and the stories we hear. Thank you all for a great 14 years and counting.


P.S. We might look slightly more mature now than in our picture.

Chapter 3
Chapter 3 has been a bit slower in development than the previous two chapters but there's a good reason for it--we have been really busy with the BnB and we couldn't be happier with all the guests we've met from around the globe!!

Another thing that's kept us busy has been Hood River Valley High School--I am still coaching and had 4 swimmers qualify for State this year. And that's after our team won the Boys sections and the Girls placed 2nd. Neither of them were expected to do that well heading into the meet

Jim still splits his time between computers and the BnB. In June we start our 5th season and continue to enjoy meeting you all and welcoming those returning (we have many guests who are making this an annual trip and we couldn't be more pleased).

With all the snow this year we have seen many more guests this winter than in the past. Only one came home on crutches and she still had a smile on her face. And no, the crutches were not from the BnB but rather something having to do with a 'fakey' up at Mt. Hood Meadows...

We now have 4 rooms available for your comfort and price range.

Oh...I know the big piece of news...we moved my folks from Boise into the Hood. The house right next door came available and we moved them in. If you stand in the east end of the dining room and see a cute older couple (94 and 83 respectively) moseying by, that's them. Make sure you wave.

Enough for now. Come see us and share our home and enjoy what the Columbia River Gorge has to offer.

Chapter 2
We have just completed our first full year running the BnB, and what a treat it has been.
The guests have been from everywhere: Australia, Japan, Costa Rica, Canada, Africa, New Zealand, India, most of the countries in Europe, and our USA. The people we have met have been a delight and we look forward to meeting so many more.

Since I had extra time on my hands and the local high school was looking for a Swim Coach, I raised that hand
! Now I have the honor of coaching the best kids in Oregon. The guys and gals at Hood River Valley High School are such a treat to work with. They must have really special parents to make them so nice. And itís good for me to be back in the water, literally, for I am swimming again. Have to try competition.

Jim has been splitting his time working on the BnB, making it nicer for your stay, and doing the soft
ware that keeps him on the top edge of his specialty. In his spare time he checks out the local golf course to make sure that the greens are really green. The west coast kids have spent a great amount of time here helping with the changes we have made to the BnB. It certainly is a family effort.

We are so fortunate to live and work in such a lovely place. Come and stay with us and enjoy the Hood.

Chapter 1
Where to start?  Well to give you a bit of background, w
e came to Oregon just in the past year after hearing so much about Hood River from our family.  Instead of just getting a house and living a normal life, we wanted others to be able to enjoy Hood as much as we do,  so we figured we could open our doors and provide people a nice place to stay during their time in town.
After some excitement with the bnb application and a lot of support  from various family members and the Hood River community, we decided the summer of 2002 was the time to open and we've been jamming ever since.

Prior to moving to the Gorge, Jim and I lived in the Gold Country of California where we ran a technology business that we still manage during the winter months. Before that, we called a 65 foot sailboat in the South Bay of San Francisco our home for about 10 years.

Going back even further, the west coast has always been home for the both of us.  Jim went to UC Berkeley in the '60's and unlike many of his peers, has an excellent recollection of the time he spent there and can tell you what it was really like.  My experiences at that time were more aligned with swimming endeavors and 2 world-records can be credited to my name, although the ink didít remain on the page long enough to dry before I was bested!

Suffice it to say that Hood River is just what the doctor ordered

We have kids all over the west coast, from Portland to San Francisco and San Ramon to Seattle.  Our folks live in Boise and we have a few grandkids but we don't act like grandparents. 

So this is our story, or at least as much as the kids would let us post on the web!

Thanks for looking into the Hood River BnB.